Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Louise David ~ Birth Photography

Wollongong Birth Photographer... 

Many people less appreciative of the birthing process than i ask, "why on eath would someone have a birth photrapgher present at their birth?". Our inability to comprehend each other is equal. Them, why you'd have one? and i, why you wouldn't? ...

To me, as a mother and a practicing midwife and Doula, birth is an unequivocal event in ones life. The anticipation of months of growing up and dreaming of this little life inside you is shared by your partner and loved ones by your side. To think you could fall so much in love with something you've not even laid eyes on yet.

Finally the physical and emotional preparation for the labour and the birth pay off as your innate birthing ability takes over. The lounge room, bedroom, bathroom, hospital room or operating theatre is overpoweringly taken over by emotion. Palpable raw energy of this powerful process that is going on. Finally, inevitably the baby arrives. The feelings that those witnessing would have thought couldn't get much more, explode exponentially! There are always tears... happy ones.

This is why one would want a birth photographer. 
To capture this magic. 
Im so excited to offer my service to women of the Illawarra. 
Whether your birthing at home, Wollongong hospital or out of the local area, consider inviting me to join you. For someone who respects birth and birthing women so much it would be an honour to capture you in your finest moment.

"I love to look back over my birth photos, i see a photo that captures the pain of a contraction and then a photo that captures the moment of his birth and i can relive that extraordinary explosion of feeling relief, pride and every other exquisite emotion all at the same time... I'm so happy i have my birth journey captured, it really is my finest moment"

Sarah on the photography of baby Taj's home birth

Click on the link below to see the photo montage of Hannah's labour and Eden's birth.

Edens Birth

I was so humbled to be present at and photograph the birth of my oldest friend as they welcomed their first baby to the world.  Hannah was such a goddess as she stayed strong through the relentless hours of contractions. The lack of fear and the control she possessed made me so so proud of her. She reminded me why i am a midwife, why i love birth and home birth and why i want to immortalise these moments in time by doing this.

 Wollongong Birth Photographer - 
Louise David Lactation Consultant

Take a look at my website for more of my work. You can see more photo montages and find out about birth photography prices and what i offer.

You can also find out about the other services i offer including home visit lactation consultation, breastfeeding education, Doula services and postnatal midwife services.

Don't hesitate to call or email me to find out more.

Until next time, 

Louise x

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