Sunday 8 June 2014

Lactation Consultant Wollongong - Louise David

Dreaming of breastfeeding ~ 

Im dedicated to my profession, thats for sure.

I share my passion and respect for all things breastfeeding and birth with my sons daily.

Every evening we talk about our favourite and least favourite things from that day, cuddling a new babe or seeing a babe take to the breast after some difficult time often tops my list.

Last night i dreamt that the children were given a passage of writing to analyse for their homework, they had to read it and share with the class what it was about. I was proud of my boys because they were so familiar with the scene that they were almost bored with it. The rest of the class were in fits of giggles and disbelief, how sad that my boys beliefs would be challenged by their reactions.

I always have the most vivid of dreams and i remember them with great detail. I write here the passage as i see it in my dream from a print out the teacher pasted in their homework book....

"Jamie looked intently, pink flesh against bulbous white. Warmth radiating he could feel it from across the mattress. The noises were familiar, but from some time ago.
He didn't know how to name the feeling he felt or even why he did. 
He wanted to shoo the little creature out of the way and take its place.
Soon enough his mamma invited him to her embrace.
As the warm flow of love reached the depth of his stomach that little ball of angst melted away.
Jamie was home, he is happy. "Happy birthday Jamie" his mamma said. Jamie is 5 today"

My boys that inspire me xxx

Way to go dream land.... where will i go next.

Happy days,

Louise x