Monday 22 June 2015

This is how its supposed to be....

The most recent home birth I attended was the most humbling birth I've seen yet. It’s my wish that the norm for all mums is to birth in this way, especially first time mums like the mamma here in this post. All too often it takes a horrible, traumatic birthing experience for mums to wise to the system, learn of other options, learn how different it can be... how it’s supposed to be.

Mums like this new mother never cease to amaze me, and make me proud to have met them and, better, get to know them. This mamma trusted her body from the moment her pregnancy was realised; she grew a healthy girl inside and our midwife/client relationship flourished with honesty, trust and encouragement. Mamma was all-embracing of all that was to come with labour and birth and baby.

wollongong midwife
Jack the puppy watches on..

Baby Audrey decided to come earth side on her due date. Mamma was ready after her water broke two days earlier and finally it all came together on a lovely lazy Sunday. When mamma is in the right mindset, prepared without fear, the midwife’s job is an easy one. It’s a role of observer and I like to pick up the camera and become birth photographer. Other roles often ensue too; dish washer, clothes folder, bed maker... because when it’s like this, how it’s supposed to be... birth is quite boring. Beautiful, amazing and life changing, but, blissfully boring. 

Mamma progressed gently and steadily and soon baby Audrey arrived. This birth was textbook; when people ask how it went I reply that nothing could have gone better. Mamma was left well alone, she had this all along and it was let be... this is how it’s supposed to be.

Welcome to the world Audrey Storm, Thank you mum and dad for letting me be part your most wondrous day, early weeks with baby... life. 

Until next time...

Louise x

Louise David is a Private Midwife in Wollongong and The Illawarra areas. Louise provides all types of pregnancy, birth and postnatal care, including home birth and hospital birth support.
Louise is a International Board Certified Lactation consultant and offers private lactation consultation from her home in the Wollongong area.